fruiSCE® Transportation Management

Companies in the logistics industry are finding it difficult to meet the demands of maintaining their competitiveness and boosting operational efficiency. With manual or outdated transportation management systems, they struggle to function. Traditional transportation management systems are becoming less flexible and more redundant due to their complicated design and deployment. Companies require a system that will increase productivity while handling a variety of events. Since fruiSCE TMS is connected with numerous processes to forecast supply and demand trends and enable real-time visibility, it stands out as a special product.

The typical TMS capability, which comprises fundamental tasks like Transport Order Management, Order Planning, Shipment Execution, and similar ones, is an option. The user can have comprehensive visibility and control over all transportation transactions thanks to the fact that fruiSCE TMS makes its capabilities available to all service providers in the transportation system. Also, it is ideal for managing 3PLs and shippers with intricate transportation networks.

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