CEO Message

Thank you for visiting fruiSCE website. I hope you have got a brief overview of what we do and how we partner with our customers to achieve supply chain excellence.

We firmly believe that the manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain organizations need to embrace digital transformation to build the competitive advantage to attain a sustainable growth. The supply chain planning and operations need to be agile, efficient, and innovative at the same time. To survive in a highly competitive, disruptive, complex supply chain environment, we need to transform digitally to have robust and innovative business processes.

The digital transformation is the need of hour, no doubt about it, but the question is how to do it. You need to have strong leadership with a clear vision, fully committed leadership team, appropriate digital transformation strategy, allocated budgets, and a reliable partner. We can be your reliable partner to define your strategies and implement them successfully.

We built fruiSCE with our experience in successful supply chain transformations, lessons learned through key supply chain challenges, best practices, and latest technology trends. fruiSCE includes business network, warehouse management, manufacturing execution, transportation management, global trade management, supply chain planning, and ERP. Our experience in building integration with disparate systems makes your supply chains connected, inter operatable, agile, and very competitive.

Our customers are our partners in co-innovation and finding best of the best solution to arrive at an optimal solution. Our highly experienced supply chain consultants, highly skilled software developers, relentless test engineers, and the best solution architects. We choose most latest, proven, and sustainable technologies so that our customers can have a quick ROI and longer product life cycle.

We would like to thank our customers for building trust, providing continuous support, and making us a truly global organization. I am very happy to state that every member of our team is customer-focused, result oriented, and devoted to provide the best solution.