Frequently Asked Questions


fruiSCE supports modular structure. All the solutions can be deployed in modular way so that the client can procure whatever required. All the modules have native integration. For example, if any client wants to take Warehouse Management solution to manage warehouse operations and wants to implement ERP for all accounting, sales, procurement activities. WMS and ERP modules can be integrated to have all the needs covered.

All the integrations are done primarily through RESTful API so they can also be integrated to any external solution without any problem. The implementation team will review the business processes required and configure the process with reference to best practices. There is a flexibility in optimizing the process after implementation without any complexity. The solution is also flexible to accommodate integration if any 3rd party solution is introduced at a later stage.

We support a flexible implementation approach. Based on type of business, the appropriate approach is recommended and collaborated with our clients for the implementation. For example in case of Engineer-to-Order Manufacturing companies, they prefer to go live with a new project and then keep adding new projects into the system. This helps them to track procurement, inventory, manufacturing operations on day-to-day basis. This approach will take a longer time, and our implementation team will be aligned with the client accordingly. As another example, a 3PL operator wants to go live with fruiSCE WMS for a particular customer and then add rest of the customers. We align with the client to perform so.

We are experienced in implementation scenario of big bang approach with multi locations, multi plant, and multi modules with comprehensive project management methodology and appropriate change management approach. Overall, we see what is best for clients for smooth transition at the same time robust transformation to generate desired outcomes. The integrations with machines will be done parallelly and process will be established for scenarios with machine integration and without machine integration to ensure the business continuity.

Yes, we help our clients to perform assessment to know the maturity of the business process in scope and recommend gap closure plan. We also help our clients if any consulting support is required to establish new process or re-engineer existing process. For business process which needs to be automated through the implementation, we do it by default during the implementation.

We also perform consulting service to design supply chain strategies, network design, defining organization structure, defining roles and responsibilities, and alignment with business strategy. We do this for selected clients and help them to achieve supply chain excellence.

We have solution for Strategy Execution, fruiStrategy. We are experts in strategy planning and strategy execution process, and we make sure that the supply chain excellence initiative is aligned to the strategy transformation initiative. To know more about fruiStrategy, please visit www.fruistrategy.com
We have selected processes which need to be empowered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models. We have algorithms built on Python or R to get the solution and embed into the solution seamlessly. This makes fruiSCE very powerful which is modular, and technology driven solution. For example, for Transportation Management, we perform container loading optimization through AI/ML models which are natively integrated to the TMS.
fruiSCE has built-in Process Mining capability for core processes. All the time stamps can be recorded for the processes and the action replay can be done to see the inefficiencies and bottlenecks. This way periodic review of the process can help to optimize the processes continuously. All fruiSCE modules are powered by Process Mining capability.
Yes, fruiSCE is customizable solution with modular approach. So any special process required can be modified without affecting the original flow. We have the road map for new updates and new features, if customer requirements fall within the scope then the customization is done free of cost as it is already scheduled. Any special customizations can be charged at actuals on ongoing basis. This makes our customers relaxed as they don’t have to worry about any technical developments for the long term.
Our Center of Excellence are available round the clock to support the clients based on the requirement. Any emergencies can be called directly, or token raised through portal which will be handled by type of token. We almost always deliver support on time as this is very critical business continuity expectation for our clients.
We are fully familiar with the implementation approach remotely. In case if full implementation to be done remotely, we can do this with the same level of quality delivery. This way the overall cost of implementation can go down and have the flexibility in resource availability from both parties.
Absolutely. The solution stack is built on the latest technology with regular updates on the versions. Always the technology is on par with the latest versions and our technical team will keep updating the technology stack regularly and introduce any new solution which is required to add value to our customers.


Our Center of Excellence will be available all the time to answer questions. Based on the priority and criticality, the solution will be provided. All you need to do is register the support ticket with Center of Excellence.
Our Supply Chain and Application Consultants will be happy to perform a proof of concept with your data to show case the application capabilities and explain how it can help you. Please reach to our Executive for more information on how to start with the PoC. It is absolutely free and you can make your decision.


fruiSCE employs industry standard practices for security controls such as firewalls, intrusion detection, and change management. In addition, the crucial parameters for security such as scalability, risk management, disaster recovery, data encryption, change management, and environmental securities are thoroughly followed and administered by our expert team.
Any customer data in the fruiStrategy application is encrypted in transit over public networks using Transport Layer Security encryption (TLS / HTTPS). The data provided by fruiSCE's clients within the application is stored using industry-standard AES-256 encryption at rest.
Business continuity planning (BCP) and disaster recovery (DR) activities prioritize critical functions supporting the delivery of fruiSCE to its clients. The development and scope of BCP and DR in each business function reflects the criticality of each function and/or facility in order to maximize the effectiveness of these efforts.


fruiSCE is hosted in AWS or Azure preferably based on the region. Please ask our sales executive to know exact details about the hosting service providers.
The data is limited to 50 GB on monthly basis which is more than enough for a typical utilization. However, if there is any special requirement then we can have a dedicated hosting or increase the storage allocations. For more details, please contact our sales executive.